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Shaftdesigner Calculation Software


ShaftDesigner software licenses are exclusively sold by SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services in the Netherlands.

SKF is your partner throughout the ship lifecycle, providing products and services for design, new build, operation and maintenance for all ship types.

SKF’s products and application knowledge help equipment run better and improve productivity while conserving our natural resources. SKF has been in the marine industry for more than 70 years, applying innovative thinking and expertise to critical machinery. Innovative solutions for rotating machinery have continuously driven increased productivity and reduced operating costs. Our marine product and service offerings include full condition based maintenance tools and services as well as integrated solutions for propulsion systems, gearboxes, transmissions and electromechanical motion control.

To provide seamless global support for the marine industry, SKF has created a Marine Business Unit, including the SKF Solution Factory – Marine Services. Bringing together SKF experts with decades of relevant experience, this hub provides a single point of entry for a complete range of SKF products and services, delivered with world-class logistics through the industry’s best distribution system.

Examples of our services are: Alignment (static and dynamic); 3D measurement surveys; On-site machining; Vibration measurement and analysis; Engineering; Condition-based maintenance; Training and certification.

Our product portfolio includes: Vibracon adjustable chocks, ShaftDesigner shaft alignment and vibration calculation software; Machinery mounting kits.