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Shaftdesigner Calculation Software


ShaftDesigner will be sold in a modular structure. The core package is necessary for the additional modules to work.
The Basic package consists of:

  • The fully customizable Graphical User Interface including,
  • The 3D graphical environment.
  • The base model creator in order to calculate easily and keep all applications updated automatically.
  • Shaft alignment calculation supporting conventional shaft alignment techniques.
  • Application to fully customize the reports as well as the export functions.

The Following modules are also available at additional cost

  • Whirling Vibrations: The main result of the whirling vibration calculation is the list of critical speeds for forward and backward whirling.
  • The Bending Vibrations application calculates free vibration characteristics such as natural frequencies, mode shapes as well as resonance speeds.
  • The Axial Vibrations module includes free vibration as well as forced vibration calculation possibilities.
  • Torsional Vibrations calculations are performed from the mass-elastic model created with the graphical editor and also includes both free and forced vibrations.

Note: All modules use data from the same base model, eliminating the need to re-enter values.