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Shaftdesigner Calculation Software


Brochure 1,0 MB (PDF)
Article SuperYacht Industry 0,5 MB (PDF)
Screenshots 4,4 MB (ZIP)
Datasheet for shaft alignment calculation (PDF)
Datasheet for whirling and axial vibration calculation (PDF)
Datasheet for torsional vibration calculation (PDF)

Article in SKF's Evolution

This article about ShaftDesigner is included in magazine no. 2 2010 from Evolution - the business and technology magazine from SKF.
Here you can read and download the article in 12 languages:

Chinese (pdf)
Czech (pdf)
English UK (pdf)
English US (pdf)
French (pdf)
German (pdf)
Hungarian (pdf)
Italian (pdf)
Polish (pdf)
Russian (pdf)
Spanish (pdf)
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Article in SKF evolution