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Shaftdesigner Calculation Software


Problem: I am looking for software that can model more than just shaft trains.
Solution: ShaftDesigner can model entire propulsion trains including propellers, engines, gearboxes, flywheels, generators and more.

Problem: My vessel is suffering from shaft alignment problems.
Solution: Creating a ShaftDesigner model is a good starting point to find the source of the problem. ShaftDesigner is ideal for this as the software provides the opportunity to find the problem without having to take the vessel out of operation, which saves a lot of down time.

Problem: My vessel regularly has bearing failures.
Solution: Often, bearing failures are caused by a wrongly aligned shaft line. ShaftDesigner can easily optimize the alignment for the entire shaft train, resulting in a much smaller chance of unexpected bearing failures.

Problem: Does ShaftDesigner support condition monitoring?
Solution: The current version of ShaftDesigner does currently not support condition monitoring. However, because ShaftDesigner provides information about the wear of bearings it is easier to anticipate which bearing will wear fastest.

Problem: There are annoying vibrations on board my vessel.
Solution: ShaftDesigner's vibration modules are capable of calculating where these vibrations are coming from. Action can then be taken to get rid of these vibrations.

Problem: Can I know in advance if a certain propulsion train will vibrate.
Solution: With ShaftDesigner's vibration modules it is possible to in the design phase of a ship calculate if there is a chance of harmful vibrations. This can save a lot of time and effort if alterations are needed after the vessel's construction.

Problem: Is ShaftDesigner also useful when my vessel has sustained hull damage?
Solution: Hull deflections are one of the inputs possible in ShaftDesigner. Using this feature it is possible to check if the alignment of the propulsion train is still valid after the damage has been sustained.

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