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Shaftdesigner Calculation Software


ShaftDesigner has many specific features for complete shaft solutions. Here the main features are given:

  • All values entered or items dropped into place during modelling are immediately seen in the 3D graphical environment. The representation can then be viewed from any angle and be simulated to move as well.
  • Modelling is done in one base model. The big advantage is that for all calculations the characteristics are taken from this base model.
  • Any changes to the base model are automatically updated in all applications.
  • The Graphical user interface can be customized to show the items you require, making it a functional and pleasant screen to work with.
  • Calculations are performed in the horizontal as well as the vertical plane at the same time, making it easier to analyse.
  • The results of the various ShaftDesigner calculations are represented in detailed, but easily customizable reports, containing all information needed by the end user. To facilitate easy analysis of the reports the software automatically generates graphical outputs to support the results. All reports are created as a XML document so they can easily be exported to various formats, such as html, Microsoft Word or Windows Web Archive (.mht).